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  The nutritional value of pasta 

Tasty and nutritious value of pasta, one of the most favorite dishes of kids and adults.

Pasta has a high nutritional value since it is at the base of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, which is a frequent weekly consumption.

Contrary to the belief that pasta thickens, a regular portion of macaroni (100 grams) contains less than 2 grams of fat.

At the same time, pasta has a very low content of cholesterol and sodium (salt). Combining them with vegetable sauces, red meat, poultry or fish can be a tasty and low-calorie meal. In addition, it is important that pasta can be eaten by everyone even from the elderly, because they are easy to digest, they do not need to be chewy and are easy and quick to prepare.

The benefits of pasta consumption are increased when they are whole wheat, that is when they are made from flour containing all parts of the wheat grain.

In particular, wholemeal pasta has a high content of:

• B complex vitamins, which are important for nervous system function and metabolic enhancement.
• Copper, which is essential for the formation of connective tissue, erythrocytes and good functioning of the nervous, immune and cardiovascular system.
• Selenium, which improves the functioning of the thyroid gland.
• Magnesium, which is necessary for the regulation of blood pressure and skeletal health.
• Manganese, useful for bone formation and metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins.
• Fiber fibers that increase bowel movement, fighting constipation, as well as reducing the absorption of dietary fat. In addition, fiber in combination with the complex carbohydrates of wholemeal pasta does not cause sudden changes in blood sugar levels, so they can also be consumed by people with diabetes.

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"EUZOIA has the Special-Innovative pasta-category, : "Pasta with Flaxseed"

According to recent studies, it appears that pasta and whole grains reduce the risk of colon, bladder, mouth and ovarian cancer while acting beneficial to the cardiovascular system. This is mainly due to the phytoestrogens and to the folic acid contained in combination with the fiber (Nutr Rev, 2003).


Ideal food for students, bachelors and athletes. Common and indispensable accompaniment to protein meals, macaroni seem to maintain their high status in the nutritional preferences of Greeks over time, not only. It is a pure and natural product, while it is considered a key part of the Mediterranean Diet. Through a variety of culinary combinations, nutrition, flavor and delicacy are highlighted, making healthy eating enthusiasts unable to separate their favorite delicacy.

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Most dietician-nutritionists are highly recommended to athletes in some sports, such as swimming, athletics, and endurance sports. Nutrients and Health Benefits Macaroni are rich in complex carbohydrates, iron (helps in the production of hemoglobin), selenium (strong antioxidant), calcium (bone strengthening), phosphorus, proteins and vitamins of the B complex (thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid), while containing little fat, cholesterol and sodium.In particular, the proteins contained are of high quality and digestible, which is particularly attractive for infants, developing children, chronic patients and the elderly in need of high quality protein. Also, the phytosterols contained help to reduce blood cholesterol naturally, while the high percentage of tryptophan contained, plays an important role in psychological mood.

As far as the word "macaroni" is concerned, it comes from the Greek word "makari". The beans were wheat preparations that symbolized the regeneration and offered them for the resurrection of the dead. The second version is more Italian and wants the "macaroni" to be born of "amaccare" meaning "cut".

In fact, spaghetti is a pure food of plant origin that offers strength, slow release energy and important nutrients in the body.

World Pasta Day was established in 1998 on 25 October, at the initiative of the Union of European Pasta Manufacturers (UNAFPA), to inform the general public of the flavor and nutritional value of pasta.

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