Greek Traditional Xilopitaki with goat milk & Fresh eggs

Greek Traditional Xilopitaki with goat milk & Fresh eggs, 400gr

                      ΧΥΛΟΠΙΤΑΚΙ ΣΥΣΚΕΥΑΣΙΑ WEB1                      chiloptaki katsikisio

Greek xilopitaki with Goat milk
-Semolina from hard Greek wheat of superior quality.
-Eggs of Greek local produce
-Goat milk of Greek production

The egg along with the milk are the only complete natural foods, ie they contain all the necessary ingredients for a complete and balanced diet.
This is a recipe that combines:
1) the excellent quality and benefits of Greek cereals that form the basis of the Mediterranean dietary pyramid. 2) the benefits of the egg that is described as the gift of nature in life. 3) The benefits of goat milk that has equal and superior nutritional value than cow's milk. Contains less lactose than cow's milk.

!! Ιdeal for baby food !! It is served by itself with feta_cheese! Or it is well combined with soups or "greek giouvetsi"

             μοσχάρι με χυλοπίτες 1      ΧΥΛΟΠΙΤΑΚΙ ΓΙΟΥΒΕΤΣΙ    σουπα χυλοπιτακι

Cooking time : 4-5"


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