BIO- Mafaldine with BIO-Semolina 100%, 400gr

              BIO- Mafaldine with BIO-Semolina 100%, 400gr
                           Suitable for Vegan    
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Semolina is high in protein and fiber — both of which slow digestion and increase feelings of fullness between mealsTrusted Source.
It’s also high in B vitamins like thiamine and folate, which have many important roles in your body, including helping convert food into energyTrusted Source.
Enriched semolina flour is nutritious and provides high levels of various B vitamins, iron, protein, and fiber. 
Foods rich in protein and fiber — like semolina — can increase feelings of fullness and reduce hunger. In turn, this may promote weight loss.
Semolina is rich in nutrients like fiber, folate, and magnesium — all of which protect your heart and may reduce your risk of heart disease.
Semolina is a great source of magnesium and fiber — two nutrients that may improve blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.
Semolina is a good source of non-heme iron. Iron is an essential mineral for transporting oxygen, preventing anemia, and supporting growth and development.
The high fiber content of semolina supports digestion by stimulating the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and promoting regular bowel movements.
tomato butter Mafaldine with Gremolata



  Tomato Butter Mafaldine with Gremolata

 mafaldine with shrimp and Lemon   
 Mafaldine with Shrimp and Lemon
A complete meal with all the Nutrient Ingredients our Organization needs.
    •      Net Weight: 400gr            


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