Magic Hats with Goat Milk, Kid's pasta

         KAPELA2  Magic Hats with Goat Milk, 400gr / pasta for kids

-100% Greek Semolina of Superior quality
-Greek eggs of local production
-Goat milk, Greek production

The egg along with the milk are the only complete natural foods, ie they contain all the necessary ingredients for a complete and balanced diet. This is a recipe that combines: 1) the excellent quality and benefits of Greek cereals that form the basis of the Mediterranean dietary pyramid.2) the benefits of the egg that is described as the gift of nature in life. 3) The benefits of goat milk that has equal and superior nutritional value than cow's milk. It is recommended to those who have an allergy or intolerance to cow's milk because of its different protein composition. It contains less lactose than cow's milk.

Our little friends can enjoy a complete Lunch, with a unique, playful shape, offering the Organization all the necessary nutrients.


  It is the perfect gift offer either in a children's party or in a visit to our beloved friend, or in Christmas at Baptistery or Easter, in a Celebration or in a Baptism as a Gift to the Guests! All that   remains is to decide on what occasion we want it!


Boiling Time: 7-9 '

Suggested Recipes: Ideal Offer to Combine with Cheese-Feta as it is a complete Supplementary High Quality Lunch in its own right.

Net Weight: 400gr
Gross weight: 450gr


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