Kid's pasta,Magic Hats Tricolore

    Magic Hats Tricolore Tricolore, 400gr


-Mix of hard Greek grain of superior quality
-Dried Tomato, Greek production
-Dried Carrot, Greek production
-Dried Spinach,  Greek production


μαγικα καπελα τρικολορεTricolore Magic Hats, contain all the essential ingredients for a complete and balanced diet. This is a recipe that combines: 1) the excellent quality and benefits of Greek cereals that form the basis of the Mediterranean dietary pyramid; 2) the benefits of vegetables - spinach, carrot, tomato.

Our little friends can enjoy a complete, nutritious meal, with a unique, playful shape, offering the Organization all the necessary nutrients.

It is the perfect gift offer either in a children's party or in a visit to our beloved friend, or in Christmas/Easter at Baptistery, in a Celebration or in a Baptism as a Gift to the Guests! All that remains is to decide on what occasion we want it!

Boiling Time: 7-9 '
Suggested Recipes:

Ideal Offer to Combine with Cheese-Feta as it is a complete Supplementary High Quality Lunch in its own right.

Net Weight: 400gr

Gross weight: 450gr


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Industrial Park of Thermi
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