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    Squid Ink Penne pasta, 400gr - Greek Product

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Penne with Cuttlefish Ink 400gr

Product description
Penne with cuttlefish ink. Classic luxury. We use hard type of Greek Semolina and specifically of Northern Greece. We follow the traditional recipe for pasta, an open hug ready to match the most exquisite and pure ingredients that will give them a unique flavor, aroma and color.The pasta is handmade and in small quantities, without preservatives and additives, dried for 18-20 hours. All the nutrients and aromas of the Greek countryside are indisputable.
Ingredients: 100% Semolina, 3% cuttlefish ink.

Kalories per 100gr: 377 kcal

Net weight: 400γρ   

Greek Product

Can be ideally combined with Smoked Salmon, but also with Tuna.


The simple, classic pen, with a striking black color and a crisp texture. Kitchen enthusiasts know that this is the secret to sticking the Sauce on the pasta. The best wheat from the heart of the wheat, fermented with pasteurized cuttlefish ink, took shape in authentic bronze molds and dried under natural conditions of slow drying. Slowly and carefully, as it deserves in every precious food. A dish that will make you proud even on your most formal meals. A platter with pure blackheads in the middle of the table transforms the meal into a luxurious feast. Make macaroni with salmon with a black pen and bring the sea to your table. A product, base for dozens of recipes and great delights.
All the delights of the sea in an easy, fast and very impressive pasta recipe you will love!
Recipe ingredients
  • 400 g black penne (with cuttlefish ink), 150 gr of smoked salmon in strips, 2 onions freshly chopped, 4 tbl. olive oil, 1/3 ph. vodka, 180 ml light cream, 2 tbl. dill finely chopped salt, freshly ground pepper
  • Implementation
  • Cooking pasta with cuttlefish ink and salmon.  First heat the olive oil in a deep frying pan and sauté the chopped fresh onions for 2. Add salmon and continue the sauté for 1 more. We quench with vodka and
  •  let 2 evaporate the alcohol.Add the light cream, salt and pepper and boil the sauce for 4-5 until it thickens slightly. 
  • Finally, sprinkle with the dill. Keep the sauce covered to prevent it from peeling.
  • Boil the pens in salted water (7-8 '), drain them well and put them in the saucepan.20191216 112511



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