Pasta -Rigati with king-mushroom,Porcini

                Pasta -Rigati with king-mushroom,Porcini, 400gr

 vegan2                 PORCHINI       manitaria porcini

With texture reminiscent of soft skin, thick body, fluffy and delicious, it has a scent of chestnut and hazelnut.

Ancient Greek origin is also the name of the Boletus Edulis (kingdom), which means edible food and belongs to the family Boletaceae. It was a symbol of immortality for Egyptian Pharaohs because of its high nutritional value.

Ingredients: 100% Wheat Semolina, Porcini 8%

They blend perfectly with Truffle and Parmesan Oil. Of course, you can enjoy them. Shackles are the perfect solution for a period of joke. As well as for Beetles.

A complete meal with all the Nutrient Ingredients our Organization needs.


Net Weight: 400gr Gross weight: 450gr



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