Shells Tricolore


              Shells Tricolore, 400gr

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Dried Carrot, Tomato and Spinach fill the taste of our pasta and leave the imagination free for tasty combinations. It is an ideal choice for a table full of colors !!!

Ingredients: 100% wheat semolina, carrot 2%, tomato 2%, spinach 2%

Serve perfectly as a Pasta Salad. You can combine them with Colorful peppers and Olives, olive oil, vinegar, pepper, salt.

They are the Ideal Solution in an Inferior Period. As well as for Vegans. A complete meal with all the Nutrient Ingredients our Organization needs.

ΤΡΙΚΟΛΟΡΕ  koxylia web  

  • Rich in Protein
  • Full Energy
  • Rich in Fibers

Net Weight: 400gr

Gross weight: 450gr



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