Greek Traditional Chilopites with Goat Milk & Eggs

Greek Traditional Chilopites with Goat Milk & Eggs, 400gr

TALIAT KATSIK1κατσικισιο γαλα αυγα sitira


Our pasta is produced from durum hard wheat 100%. Semolina and superior raw materials are the only ingredients.

Goat Milk  anfresh eggs are well known about their benefits! That's why they are a full of nutritional meal by itself!
You can only add Feta - Cheese and little butter....
Otherwise, you can combine them with beef, cooking in red sauce, or with roast lamb!
TAGLIATELLE WITH MUSHROOM     οσομπουκο με χυλοπιτεσ στη γαστρα  Chicken Marsala Pasta
Their cooking time is between 4 and 5 minutes.


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