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 In 2016 was born in Thessaloniki this "High Nutritional Value" Product.

It is a purely Greek company producing traditional pasta based on local traditional recipes of our country. At the same time, however, we encourage diversity through the development and creation of new, fresh recipes. Our goal from the beginning was to produce high quality products, not mass. Our pasta, unique and authentic, is produced with love and care. By choosing the best Greek quality Raw Materials, we create original recipes. Pasta with aromas, rich taste and long aftertaste, that aim to pasta lovers everywhere ...
From the selection of a super-contemporary equipment and the finest quality grains, as well as the rest of the Raw Materials, to the choice of final recipes, the right partners and access to the bureaucratic hurdle, the challenges were many, the responsibilities more and the difficulties almost endless. But as the fun and the passion were bigger, managed to overcome any obstacle. All of the above contributed to our effort and raised the bond even more with love.

Our goal is to let our consumers know and to be convinced through our products and services that our ultimate goal is:
Quality, which is a constant competitive advantage for us and which we preserve with absolute priority.
The ultimate marriage of know-how with tradition
Our trustworthiness is the principle behind each transaction.

 Our laboratory applies a food safety management system - HACCP & ISO22000

Our headquarters is located in Thessaloniki, Greece.

paragwgi   RIGKATONIeuzoia fine pasta


Production marketing of pasta ,
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